Falling Silent

by Nautic Depths & Nunc Stans

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Duff Egan
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Duff Egan el culto on BC!!! I never thought this would happen and thank you to my friend Danny for letting me know! Tomas Weiss and company are some of the most impactful and inspiring artists that have ever done it and all ambient music fans owe it to themselves to check this catalog out. Also be sure to catch the Klaus Wiese remasters available on the website.


Label: Musical Philosophy (MP 013 - Digital)

About 2 years in progress, Falling Silent is the first collaboration album by Nautic Depths. It explores sombre and highly intimate sound worlds, maintaining an expressive flow with many embedded details. So far it´s the warmest album by Nautic Depths, with a focus on touching and latent harmonic layers especially in the lower end of the music - you won´t hear any intrusive or ear-piercing sounds on this album. Falling Silent works perfectly for any kind of relaxation and personal reflection, as all music is mixed without interruption between the tracks.


released March 15, 2016



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