Ornaments (All Tracks + Complete Mixed Album included)

by El Hadra (feat. Klaus Wiese)

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Duff Egan
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Duff Egan it's awesome to have Klaus Wiese recordings accessible and archived on BC. I've been depending on music for most of my life and i don't know of any other artist that can facilitate and support reflection and positive space like he could. the influence he had on the world of sound is truly one of a kind for me and so much gratitude for it. hope to see more released on BC.


Additional album tracks in the download :

:: Ornaments
:: The Return Journey
:: Complete Mixed Album (2016 Version) - 67:30

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Label: Thar 002


"I am immediately confronted with stunning front cover image, executed by Jesse Harrison, amazing!!! So let's explore the sonics now. "The Veil And The Other Side" unfolds slowly with deep, almost static drones, highly mesmerizing intro that becomes more and more heavy at the end as it enters into "Plus-Minus", an absolutely exciting massive wall of drones. All is clear now, kings of drones are striking again!!! Fixed drones of the highest caliber, at the end various field recordings enter the stage and move towards the title track, 20 minutes long opus, "Ornaments". Industrial sounds are swirling around my ears, the tension is getting more gradual, these are truly expansive sonic vistas, absolutely fascinating! After 10 minutes the composition transforms from its massive droning movement into more obscure industrialized mode, but the drones hit the stage again at the end of this ecstatic performance. "The Old Spirit" is slightly more minimal and aerial, but still quite dark and deeply immersing, "Presentiment-Union-Eternity" keeps the same path, a really captivating and tranquil sky high voyage in the first half while the second part incorporates few tribal/industrial flavored rhythms, but still strongly hypnotic. "Coincidence Of Oppositions" remains in deeply evocative terrain while closing "The Return Journey" is enriched by some ominous clouds of dark industrial ambience. "Ornaments" are hauntingly beautiful, this is another strong sonic statement from these drone masters. Bravo, I am really impressed!!!" (Richard Gürtler, Slovakia)


released April 27, 2016



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