Quiet Calling III (2016 Version)

by Tomas Weiss & Mathias Grassow



Label: Musical Philosophy (MP 008 - Digital)


"An Ambient Symphony" (Robert Lug, German State Radio/HR2)

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"I received this wonderful album ("Quiet Calling III") after having already heard it as part of a radio broadcast one day earlier. I admit, after listening to several albums by Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Diatonis, Steve Roach, Vangelis etc., I have never felt as much emotion in them as in the el culto albums "Aestrata", "Farewell" and particulary "Quiet Calling III".

It's no longer simply a question of closing one’s eyes and imagining a world without limits. They are magicians of the soul and it seems that the music never ends! I can immerse myself in the vastness of the universe in a way that is complementary to my astronomical observations, and this time I can continue my journey with one eye shut. Since my childhood, for 46 years now, my eyes have been turned towards the sky while listening to immeasurable albums by the above-mentioned artists, but Tomas’ and Mathias’ music feels like the ultimate experience to me! In my opinion, this album is absolutely perfect, how will they be able to create something greater it in the future?

A big thanks to both for this deep immersion because it awakes emotions in me that our society has sometimes forced us to forget about. SUBLIME!" (Jean Canonne, Belgium)

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"Drone kings are back!!! Yes, Tomas Weiss & Mathias Grassow have delivered at the end of 2011 on El Culto's Musical Philosophy label third and closing installment of their "Quiet Calling" trilogy. Comprised of 4, rather lengthy parts (ranging from 6 minutes to nearly 25 minutes), all entitled "Final Call". This ultimate mind journey reveals with "Final Call I", as usual constructed with heavy weight drones, but this time wrapped in quite "lively" spiraling texture with slowly and gradually increasing tension. This longest part is filled with huge intensity and depth to trigger a definite mind-bending adventure!!! "Final Call I" could easily aspire for the "creme de la creme" of the complete serie!!! Closing five minutes of this part smoothly sneak into more monotonous and less massive, relieving drifts, yet still deeply droning. Just the same as with previous two chapters, there aren't any gaps between tracks, so we are confronted with colossal walls of continuous drones. Slowly breathing drone mastery continues on the shortest piece, "Final Call II". It's slightly more aerially and calmly tranquil than the monumental first part, even if in its middle we explore a bit of rapidly increasing intesity, but it's just a hint. The closing two parts, number three clocks over 21 and half minutes and number four gets over 16 minutes, feature monotonously curving atmospheres drifting into enormously expansive spaces and immersing each listener into a purely meditative sonic journey of deep relaxation. You will hardly notice the transformation between these last two pieces. Could be described as minimally textured, but careful examination of these uninterrupted dronescapes will explore layers of secretly cascading sounds, all skillfully structured into highly effective blend of deeply evocative sonic canvas. The finale is monstrously gracious and mesmerizing before it ultimately returns back to its roots, the silence. A must have and "a piece of tasty cake" for all followers to guarantee a superfluous listening experience always provocatively inviting for repeated research, but it might be a tough odyssey for an outsider. But who knows, maybe it's time to explore some new challenges... 4-panel eco digipak comes with traditional "Quiet Calling" images by Markus Vogt, this time with black and gray color variations." (Richard Gürtler , Bratislava, Slovakia)


released April 20, 2016



all rights reserved